9 of the coolest things we spotted in 2021


These are some of the coolest and most interesting things we’ve seen in 2021.


At GOLF.com, covering sports is our job. But the reality is, we are golf fans just like you. We’re just as likely to panic when we come across cool gadgets, clubs, or classes. And since we happen to work in this space every day, it happens a lot.

Below we’ve asked some of our staff to submit the coolest thing they’ve come across this year. Maybe it’s new, maybe it’s only new to them, but we think you might be interested in at least a few of them. Good scrolling!

A corner upgrade

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Titleist Vokey SM8 Golf Cleats

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges

$ 159.99

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After a lot of procrastination, I finally upgraded my blunt grooved cleats and replaced them with a brand new set of Titleist Vokey SM8. Not only did they benefit my game, but they also increased my swagger. Custom stamps are a must have on these beauties, and they will have you pin chasing all season long. – Zephyr Melton

A gentle ride

Sun Mountain Golf Cart

Sun Mountain PathFinder 3X Push Cart

$ 239.99

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It might sound crazy, but this year marked the first time I have never used a cart for a round of golf. I know I know! I’ve lugged around a lot of carts over the years and dragged my bag over my shoulder throughout college, but a recent trip to Pinehurst gave me the opportunity to try out a push cart. And OMG !! What absolute joy it was! I’m embarrassed to be so late for this party. The push was as smooth as butter, and I loved all of the nifty and practical compartments to store all my stuff. Even after a seven mile hike around # 2 my muscles were surprisingly fresh. Now this once-exclusive cart girl just wants to walk and push my clubs forever. Needless to say, this Sun Mountain model goes straight to the top of my Christmas list. – Jessica marksbury

An essential feminine polo shirt

A short-sleeved renwick golf polo shirt

Renwick Short Sleeve Golf Polo

$ 85

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My favorite item of 2021 is honestly pretty basic – a striped polo shirt. Most guys I know – young and old – have a few of these classic cotton basics to wear everywhere in their closet. Until now, it was very, very difficult to find an unadorned female equivalent. Enter Renwick Golf, a burgeoning women’s golf brand that aims to create your dad’s favorite shirt, but in a size and fit that conforms to your body. Their short-sleeved polo shirt quickly became my go-to when I went to class. It’s simple, it’s comfortable, it’s superb and that’s what I’m offering (and asking for more) this season. – Emily Haas

Headgear Style

Needle Point Fishman Headwear

Needle Golf Fishman Putter Headgear

$ 110

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I’m always on the lookout for a good headgear, one of the few places on your golf bag where you can show a little bit of personality. Recently I came across my new favorite – this Fishman Putter Headgear from Needle Golf. If this “Fishman Donut” design sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s made popular by the Phish group. The founders of Needle Golf are also fans of the group, and they donate 10 percent of all sales of Fishman products to the Waterwheel Foundation, a charity run by the group. Needle Golf also offers the Fishman design on wooden headgear, belts, hats and other accessories. – Josh berhow

An essential hat

Relaxed Fit Beanie from GOLF

As someone who wears a hat all day long, who has time to brush their hair? – I have a very specific cut which has become my reference on and off the course. It must be broken in from the start and fit my noggin like a glove. If he doesn’t fit perfectly, he doesn’t stand a chance of making the weekly hat rotation. I usually have three or four hats in the regular mix, but about six months ago I started wearing the GOLF “Relaxed” hat on a regular basis. And when I say “regular basis,” I mean that’s pretty much my only hat of choice these days. It passes the fit test and is about as simple as they come with a classic little GOLF logo positioned in the front and center. Call me a corporate man, but I think everyone should have this hat in their regular rotation. – Jonathan Wall

Insanely hot layering

Ororo heated vest

Ororo Classic Heated Vest for Men

$ 169.99

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Golf in northern climates seems to be getting longer every year. Here in my home state of New Jersey there have been many 50 and even 60 degree days in November and December, and we’re still waiting for our first real snowfall. That said, there’s no reason to hit the course with open arms like a Green Bay Packers lineman. You want to be cozy and comfortable there. Enter the heated vests. Accessories to my wife for having recently drawn my attention to this technical garment. Hers comes from Ororo, and it’s tailor-made for winter golf outings: light, flexible and, yes, heated – by four carbon fiber heating elements, in the upper back, around the collar and a in each pocket. The rechargeable battery (at mid-wattage) lasts six hours, which is a long time to get 18. Damn, you’ll be so comfortable there that you might want to shoot a 36’er. – Alain Bastable

Playing ball

A golf baseball hoodie

Trap Golf Baseball Hoodie

$ 48

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Baseball is my first love so when baseball and golf come together it’s as good as it gets. Earlier this year I stumbled upon a Trap Golf hoodie that I needed. This is a shapely design of a baseball perfectly tucked away on a golf tee. If baseball isn’t your thing, they also make one with a basketball and soccer ball. It is also available as a long sleeve t-shirt. – Tim reilly

Essential socks

Darn Tough Socks

Earlier this year, my colleagues Emily Haas and Zephyr Melton joined me in an act of utter buffoonery. In the heat of July, the three of us completed the 90 holes of Bethpage National Park… in 36 hours. It was a heartbreaking stretch, yes, but one that reinforced a key lesson: If you want to enjoy an athletic effort, start with your socks. As such, Santa Claus brings socks to the Colgan family this holiday. And not just any socks, he brings them Darn Tough socks. The Vermont-based company specializes in high-quality, long-lasting products for those of us who enjoy active lifestyles (or acts of buffoonery). And a bonus? For those of us with chilly inter-seasons, Darn Tough’s ski socks may be the best on the market. – James colgan

Bases of the court

A chippo golf set

United States vs. Europe Ryder Cup Chippo Set

$ 209.99

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My 13 year old nephew loves his golf and he loves his cornhole so I think he will love this game of golf and cornhole I got him for Christmas. When I first saw the Chippo set in our GOLF.com Pro store, I immediately thought that the kid could work on his little game, that he could have fun doing it, and that he could take it out when Uncle Nick came to visit us. Win, win, win. Old St. Nick is wrapping it up as we speak. (If the kid reads this ahead of time, sorry, Mason, but I have to set a deadline here.) – Nick piastowski

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