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ENID, Oklahoma. – Since Kynlee Skaggs first turned to her Cricut to create cute and trendy school-minded clothes, the young entrepreneur has turned her passion for custom designs into a full-fledged business called Kynlee’s Kreations.

The 19-year-old native of Enid started designing custom t-shirts five years ago, just as she was about to enter high school.

Skaggs graduated from Enid High School last May and is currently attending Northern Oklahoma College for business administration. In her spare time, she studies digital marketing and enjoys doing graphic design.

Skaggs’ love of shopping has come in handy when she has to shop for items for her store. From boutique clothes, jewelry and accessories to dozens of customizable tops, Skaggs said she stays busy.

Former Enid High student and current NOC student Kynlee Skaggs opened her physical store after running a home business for five years. (Kat Jeanne / Enid News & Eagle)

With her school schedule, she can more often be in her boutique, located at 670 W. Willow Suite B, where she processes custom shirt orders as a group, creates unique t-shirt designs and sells boutique items. .

“You can go in and pick any design you want on a shirt, and I’m backing it up here,” Skaggs said.

Custom shirt orders are how she got her start. Her mother, Amy Skaggs, a teacher at EPS, posted her daughter’s first creations on her Facebook five years ago, and it exploded from there.

“I really wasn’t going to make it a business, but I sold 20 to 30 shirts from that initial post made by my mom,” Kynlee said. “Which isn’t a lot now, but at the time I was just starting out, I was a little overwhelmed. Since then, a large part of my business has come from teachers, as they are the ones I started selling to. I get a lot of personalized school orders.

As her business began to grow, she took over the veranda of her parents’ house, which it outgrown in October of this year.

With social media and his staunch Cricut as his primary business tools, Skaggs eventually switched to heat presses, film transfers, and some screen printing transfers. She launched her first website two years ago and also manages growing social media accounts.

As soon as her website launched, she also started selling boutique clothing and accessories. It also offers all sizes, from newborn to 5XL, as well as a few items for men.

“I really like clothes and shopping. Being able to shop for the store gives me a reason to shop. I take advantage of it with the boutique and the jewelry, ”she said. “I really like my small space here. I want to grow up, but for now it’s perfect.


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