AUDL Weekly Fantasy, Presented by VII Apparel: Week 12


The last weeks of the season are here, but you can still win.

Declan Miller and his Seattle Cascades teammates provided plenty of fantastic goodness in Week 11. Photo: Joel Dehlin – Salt Lake Shred.

Our AUDL Fantasy 2022 game is brought to you by VII Apparel Co., providing premium performance apparel for the active world, featuring their exclusive GreenLine fabric.

The 2022 AUDL season is upon us. The league has become, perhaps quietly, the primary source of Ultimate data. This not only allowed for deeper statistical analysis, but also gave us the opportunity for new kinds of fun. This season, our AUDL fantasy game takes a new direction, copying the popular everyday fantasy sports format. DraftKings is again offering lines in its bookmaker,1 and the everyday fantasy pattern that made it a household name should make AUDL a lot of fun.

We’ll allocate player salaries based primarily on their performance and give you a budget, and you can choose a team for the weekend within that budget. And that’s all! Admission is free, and we’ll be giving out weekly prizes, as well as a season-long prize for players who can achieve good scores over multiple weeks.

For another week, we’re beta testing a fantastic new platform! If you would like to help us, please click here. Comment on this article to provide feedback on the site.

Enter week 12 here

Week 12 Price Spreadsheet

Week 11 Recap

The full dashboard for entries and other information is available here.

  1. Maryanne Stones: 119.62
  2. Indigo Jonah: 116.23
  3. Max Charles: 115.75

A week at the top for a minimum price! Noah Coolman delivered 23.45 points for a measly $3. But none of our top players signed him up and didn’t select any of the top scorers. That may have made it a low-scoring week, as the only popular pick to really deliver was Manny Eckert.

Some familiar names grace our weekly podium, including General Leader and Advisor Max Charles in third place. What a rebound after a poor finish last week! Maryanne Stones moved into sixth place overall with a tally list (minus the two lost scores) of all double-digit scorers.

Enter week 12 here

Week 12 Price Spreadsheet


Each weekly winner will receive a $15 credit with VII Apparel, so they can get awesome AUDL gear or other cool merchandise.

Each weekend the top three finishers will earn entry into an end-of-season raffle for an Ultiworld Greatest bag.

The winner of the season will receive a home and away VII shirt of their favorite AUDL team! We’ll determine that total by combining each participant’s seven highest scores, so if you miss a few weekends, that’s okay. But the more you play, the more likely you are to get the highest score.


Components of these rules (like the budget) can be adjusted between scoring periods to facilitate the healthiest gaming environment.

  • Participants will be registered nine playersand their top seven scorers will count towards their total for the scoring period.
  • Each player has a salary and each participant has $100 to spend on their nine-person roster for the scoring period. You don’t need to spend the entire budget, but you can’t go over $100. Salaries will be displayed in a weekly spreadsheet.
  • If a player participates in multiple matches during a scoring period, their highest single match score will count. Players are priced with this in mind.
  • One entry per person; Ultiworld reserves the right to refuse the prize for any reason.
  • Entries must be received before the start of the first game of the scoring period.


These numbers can be adjusted to facilitate the healthiest gaming environment.

  • 1 point per objective
  • 1 pt per assist
  • 1 pt per 33 yards throw
  • 1 pt per 50 receiving yards
  • 4 points per block
  • -3 pts per CA

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