Ballparks of America Schedules Opening Day


BRANSON, Mo. – More than 300 baseball teams gather for Opening Day at Ballparks of America. The St. Louis-based tournament will host four weekend tournaments at the five replica two-thirds scale major league baseball fields.

The event will start on March 26 for local and regional tournaments. Ballparks of America will also host the Ozark Mountain Charity Baseball Classic on April 15-16. All spectator admission fees will be donated to Elevate Branson. The nonprofit will also receive 10% of all sales from the pro shop, puzzle parlour, laser tag operation, concessions and restaurants.

“Imagine if there were no more substandard, inadequate motel rooms in our area replaced by a fresh, safe, and positive sense of community,” said Matt Grindstaff, vice president of strategic partnerships for Elevate Branson. “Secure housing meets an essential and fundamental need, reduces motel life and homelessness, and uplifts individuals throughout our community. »

The spring tournament schedule for Ballparks of America is listed below.

  • March 26-27 – GMB Gold Ring Championship (9U-14U)
  • April 1-3 – Game7 Spring RING Classic (11U-12U, 14U)
  • April 8-10 – GMB Can of Corn Classic (10U-14U)
  • April 16-17 – OMB Charity Classic (9U-12U)
  • April 22-24 – Game7 Best of the Midwest (9U, 11U-13U)
  • April 29-May 1 – Game7 Cinco de Branson (9U-13U)
  • May 6-8 – GMB Mother’s Day Classic (10U-14U)
  • May 13-15 – GMB The Draft (10U-14U)
  • May 20-22 – Game7 Spring Championship (10U-11U, 13U)

Ballparks of America said it was proud to help Elevate Branson in its goal to build tiny homes for the homeless in need.

“MLB has been on hiatus at spring training venues, but our tournaments are mostly sold out to start the year off right,” said Scott Bailes, general manager of Ballparks of America. “We added the OMB Charity Classic to raise money for Elevate Branson and give teams an extra chance to visit our facilities in the spring. We’re excited to be working with GMB, Game7 Baseball, Ozark Mountain Baseball and Elevate Branson to get our year off to a great start!

Anyone wishing to prepare for spring and summer tournaments at Ballparks of America in line.


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