Best Used Outdoor Gear Brands 2022


With the abundance and variety of quality used outdoor gear on the market today, the stigma of buying something once loved has all but disappeared. It seems like every day another brand is jumping on the resale bandwagon, redirecting dead inventory, older styles and items from customers’ closets to digital platforms where eager shoppers can jump into expensive brands with potentially deep discounts. If you’re looking for the best used outdoor gear, chances are you’ll find it.

There is also the significant environmental benefit of reselling purchases first. The apparel industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, in part because of the amount of product it distributes around the world. Buying on resale helps keep what exists in circulation longer, thus delaying the need to buy a new product. In the outdoor space, in particular, many garments designed for the worst conditions often only see the occasional rainstorm before being relegated to the donation bin to make way for something new.

Brands are making it easier than ever to access previously loved products, whether through their own sites or through one of the countless third-party options now available. Here are eight options worth checking out for your next lightly used winter gear.

REI Good & Used: the original

Mountain Hardwear Men’s Glacial Storm Down Jacket

REI has been selling used gear for a long time, but in recent years the company has expanded its offerings with more involved used gear pop-ups in-store while simultaneously opening up its resale platform to brands like Nemo. and Cotopaxi in an effort to expand its global resale list. Due to the retail giant’s large footprint and general lead in selling outdoor goods, it arguably offers the largest selection of used equipment at a range of price points. This Mountain Hardwear down jacket, for example, retails for $300, but you can get it for 60% off.

Arc’teryx ReGear: Get Your Gorp Here

The Canadian brand’s resale platform has seen a few iterations since its inception a few years ago, but it took off as the Gorpcore trend took hold, prompting a new set of buyers to seek outdoor gear. look for everyday wear. Frankly, Arc’teryx has been one of the biggest winners in the trend’s continued relevance, as buyers paid ridiculous prices for its rarest of products while driving up the cost of almost everything else on the market. of the occasion. However, the brand’s own platform still offers real discounts and one of the largest resale markets for those in need of high performance apparel.

The North Face Renewed: solid selection

The North Face has an eight-step “renewal” process that each garment goes through before it goes on sale on its platform. This is a great place to find winter staples like mid layers, basic snow pants and even warmer shoes. Due to brand reach, you’ll also see a good mix of sizes that isn’t always available through resale.

Stio Second Turn: a second mission for mission-oriented equipment

Part of Stio’s ongoing climate-neutral certification is a commitment to grow its resale channel, Stio Second Turn. The Jackson Hole, WY-based brand makes some of the toughest gear on the market (it’s tested in the Tetons), so it’s no surprise there’s a healthy set of options available through its resale channel. It’s also a great place to find funky colors and prints like this quilted snap shirt.

Outerknown Outerworn: less technical resale

One of the most exciting growth points in resale is the benefit of less technical products. Outerknown, Kelly Slater’s famous surf-street hybrid brand, creates comfortable clothes that can also be asked to do more at any time. The brand’s second-hand market, dubbed Outerworn, offers serious discounts, and fans of the brand can often head to the platform to find pieces that are no longer produced or for sale.

Patagonia Worn Wear: Another Giant in Space

Patagonia’s resale channel is arguably the most popular – and transparent – ​​of all the large-scale, outdoors-focused used gear platforms. The brand is continually finding new ways to extend the life of its gear and redirect items from a variety of sources into the Worn Wear system. It’s also a great place to find fleeces, vests and off-season staples.

Peak Design Marketplace: transport every day at a reduced price

Resale is not limited to clothing. Avid Peak Design fans are selling bags, camera gear and more on the brand’s Marketplace. For serious photographers, this is the place to find camera covers, complete camera bags and general travel items. There are also plenty of accessory options to complement any creative travel setup.

About Running Onward: a newcomer

On Running’s recently launched resale channel is one of the premier shoe-only channels in the broader outdoor resale space. While the offerings here aren’t as good as on other platforms, there’s a surprising amount of choice for a market as new as Onward. There are also plenty of choices for all genders that are sometimes harder to find with shoes, especially on the second-hand market.


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