California Vaccine Lottery: How to Enter the July 1 Dream Vacation Contest?


Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that California will offer more prizes to get state residents who still haven’t been vaccinated to go out and get their jabs. The winners will be announced on July 1 but the recipients will always have to complete their vaccine series before they can receive the award.

The announcement came the day before the state’s draw of the winning names for the “Vax for victory“, the governor’s $ 116 million lottery program. The initiative was designed to get shots in the arms of those who are skeptical about vaccination or simply had not yet taken the time.

Governor Newsom commended the state’s residents for their efforts to get 70 percent status with at least one bullet in the arm saying “We are here because of your hard work. We are here because of your resilience. We’re here because of 40 million Californians who have met, dare I say, the moment – many different times over the past 15 months. “

But the governor warned that he was “Not a day to sting football; it is not a day when one announces mission accomplished, quite the contrary. State will now give lucky residents a chance to win six trips along with other incentives continue the push to get the rest of the state vaccinated.

“Golden State Getaways” chance for a dream vacation

The ten prizes of $ 1.5 million announced on Tuesday, coinciding with the reopening on June 15 of California, were supposed to mark the end of the lottery incentive. Now, residents who are going to be vaccinated for the first time, as well as all other residents 18 years of age and over who previously obtained at least one photo will now automatically be eligible to win one of the six “Dream Vacation”. The destinations will be located statewide as part of efforts to revive the California tourism industry.

Prizes include stays in luxury hotels as well as gift certificates for entertainment and meals for up to four people. The companies provide the prizes, but the state will provide an additional $ 2,000 in cash to cover the expenses of the winners.

Destinations include:


Los Angeles

Palm springs

San Diego

San Francisco

Those who are interested can get more details for each package at Visit California.

Other incentives for Californians to get vaccinated

All state residents aged 12 and over can participate in other incentive programs as part of the California “Vax for the Win”, but they are on a first come, first served basis, or time-limited.

As of June 15, the California Lottery still reported that the first 2 million to get their first jab on or after May 27 could get a $ 50 virtual charge card, Kroger card, or Albertsons card. However, to receive the $ 50 card, beneficiaries must complete the round of vaccines.

Another first come, first served incentive is tickets to any Six Flags park in California. You will need to get your chance at a participating clinic before stocks run out each clinic has a limited number available.

Those who can show proof of vaccination will be able to get a discount on a selection of products from the Californian team between June 15 and 20. The Staples Center Team LA store is offering 15 percent off merchandise Lakers, Clippers, Sparks, Galaxy or Kings, only in store. Clippers fans can shop online to get their $ 15 discount through the team site Online Store.

Golden State Warrior and Sacramento Kings fans get 20% off merchandise at team stores at the Chase Center and DOCO respectively.


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