Detroit Lions eligible for 2022 NFL season from New Jersey


Detroit Lions fans, are you ready for new jerseys?

While there’s no guarantee the Lions will wear any new ones in 2022, there’s at least a chance of it happening.

Why, you ask me?

Well, that’s because the franchise has passed the NFL’s five-year waiting period to make a jersey design change, with Detroit’s last uniform changes returning in 2017.

It was then that the Lions decided to go with black in their uniforms, a holdover from the Matt Millen days, and added their chrome masks.


It was a fairly well-received facelift among Detroit’s fan base when first implemented, and the organization’s jersey design has remained fairly popular to this day.

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Still, that doesn’t mean a change in the look of the team wouldn’t excite fans heading into next season.

It may also be a good time to implement a change, as it could be a good addition to the welcome culture established by Lions head coach Dan Campbell last season.

Ultimately, though, it will come down to whether Detroit team president Rod Wood and the organization’s top brass want to install change this offseason.

Wood was asked about the possibility of a shirt change last March and was very reluctant to the idea.

“You think about that,” Wood told reporters. “We’re coming to the window when we could make changes. I haven’t really gotten into the design phase yet. But, it’s definitely something that once the window opens, we’ll probably step back and will look at the current roster we have and any changes we want to make. Do we continue with the color rush etc? It’s on my mind, but nothing official.

While the intrigue surrounding what the Lions will do in free agency and with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft will make more headlines and rightly so, the possibility of a uniform design overhaul will be one of the most interesting franchise stories to follow this offseason.


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