EsfandTV goes after fans playing Metal Gear Solid


Twitch streamer EsfandTV had a rather heated moment during a recent livestream and lashed out at viewers who continually got in the way of his Metal Gear Solid gameplay.

The streamer presented the chat logs of some Twitch viewers who were spamming rude messages, and he called them out on their behavior:

“It’s…it’s not fun. You make everything so fun! It’s crazy!”

EsfandTV rages against its fans while playing Metal Gear Solid

Esfand is generally considered one of the most positive and wholesome streamers on the platform, and he rarely berates his viewers.

However, during a recent stream, the One True King (OTK) co-founder was visibly annoyed by some people in his Twitch chat playing behind the scenes and spamming rude messages.

On the 13th hour of his stream, Esfand paused his Metal Gear Solid game to deal with the situation. He said:

“Like what’s… like what’s the matter? Like, what’s wrong with you? Like, like, I can’t just play the game? Like, no, not everyone has played this game his whole life. Like, what? Like, I’m really confused!”

(Time stamp 13:06:50)

The 30-year-old streamer then challenged the speed running community on Twitch:

“I feel like every game with a speed community on Twitch is completely, completely miserable. Like, I’m trying to play the game, I’m having fun, and these people are completely ruining it! Like, I don’t really…I don’t know if I want to keep airing this.”

EsfandTV has shared a Twitch user’s questionable chat messages that were posted on fellow Twitch content creator’s chat, TrainwrecksTV. The World of Warcraft player smiled after reading the messages from the aforementioned Twitch viewer and resumed playing Metal Gear Solid a few minutes later.

Reddit reacts to EsfandTV rant

As expected, the streamer’s clip made an appearance on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. However, the clip was deleted moments after it was posted.

Fans said they were banned from EsfandTV chat for saying something that wasn’t even offensive:

Some Redditors claimed that the streamer’s chat needs strict moderation:

Here are some other fan reactions:

Redditors discussing streamer content (Image via LivestreamFail/Reddit)
Redditors discussing streamer content (Image via LivestreamFail/Reddit)

Esfand is a streaming personality whose popularity skyrocketed after co-founding OTK with Asmongold, Mizkif, Tips Out and Rich Campbell. He is an avid player who is known to have extensive knowledge of the Paladin class in World of Warcraft.

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