Every major Guilty Gear Strive Season 2 change shown in action and broken down


After a very successful first year, Guilty Gear Strive is looking to keep that momentum going in 2022 with the Season 2 update that just dropped yesterday.

Fighting game content creator Rooflemonger recently uploaded their welcome and hands-on visual guide for patch version 1.18, which breaks down every major mechanical and character change made to the game.

Of the massive list of tweaks, Rooflemonger thinks it’s likely to be the Universal System mechanics changes that will have the biggest impact on how Strive will be played in its second year.

Punches and kicks used to be very situational for most characters with little payout combo but everything is different now with counter kicks for those moves now causing a little slowdown opens the door to a ton of new options for the entire cast like Sol now being able to hit Gunflame after a 5K counter.

The reduced recoil in the air on these small attacks also makes them better at chaining into each other or other attacks for better aerial options as well.

Arc System Works also made Quick Roman Cancels much more appealing to players by making them not necessarily clear the full 50% of the meter and also creating a small amount of slowdown.

There are obviously too many character balancing changes to go over here, but some of the most interesting include Sol no longer being able to combine 5K in 6S, May’s HS and dolphin damage being reduced and basically everything they’ve done to Happy Chaos nerf.

We highly recommend checking out Rooflemonger’s Guilty Gear Strive Season 2 visual guide below, where he goes into much more detail on all the changes and impacts they’ll have broken down into chapters for each character.


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