Florida State Football Practice Observations: Tuesday #2 of BYE Week


The Seminoles headed to the training ground to kick off their second BYE week of the season on a cool and windy Tuesday morning. Florida State is using the time off to focus on the small details while allowing some players to heal. Practice was shortened by about 45 minutes as the younger roster members had a lot of work on the stretch.

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NoleGameday was present at the session and we’ve listed some observations from different stance groups and players below.

– Florida State is not preparing for an opponent this Saturday, which means players who normally wear scout team jerseys were back in their regular uniforms. It is certainly much easier to identify the complete list.

– Kicker Ryan Fitzgerald made all five field goal attempts that day. He hit his only kick in two-minute drills before connecting twice at 32 and 40 yards during the special team practice leg.


–Wide receiver Winston Wright Jr. continues to progress in his comeback from a leg injury he suffered as a passenger in a car accident in the spring. A few weeks ago, the transfer started doing one-on-one work with wide receivers, like catching passes from on-air quarterbacks. On Tuesday, Wright Jr. competed 1-on-1 against defensive backs for the first time this fall. At one point, Norvell pulled Wright Jr. to the side and personally worked with him on a concept route. It looks like there are still some hurdles to overcome before he returns to the game, but it certainly looks like he’s getting closer.

– Deuce Spann had a very nice, impressive snag deep in the 1-on-1 with the defensive back right next to his hip. Spann stayed with the ball and knocked it down. A few reps later he did it again, but this time separating the midfielder from the defensive back. His speed sometimes isn’t right against defensive backs, certainly if he’s able to step forward in stride.

– Running back Trey Benson found space early in practice during two-minute drills. Made a nice cut to come off and followed it up with another nice open field move during team drills.

– Wide receiver Malik McClain had solid practice. He got a step on Omarion Cooper for a hold on his rep during the 1v1. McClain followed that up with two really tough holds on the sideline where he adjusted to bring the ball back despite tight coverage. The sophomore made a few extra takes during 7-on-7 and team drills, earning vocal praise from Norvell.

– Wide receiver Mycah Pittman made a cut to get space on Shyheim Brown and made a catch despite being tackled to the ground. Pittman easily pulled away from Jammie Robinson on his next rep.

– Wide receiver Ontario Wilson ran a fantastic route that defensive back Sam McCall had guessed. Wilson snapped off for an easy grip.

– Offensive lineman Julian Armella was beaten initially by defensive end Leonard Warner in a 1-on-1. However, he used his athleticism to stay with him, then put the veteran defenseman on his back when he swung went back inside to try and get to the quarterback.

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– I didn’t think it was the sharpest quarterback practice, lots of off-target throwing. Tate Rodemaker set up some consistency in the second half of practice.


– Star defensive tackle Fabien Lovett appears to be much more mobile than he has been in recent weeks. Norvell noted that Lovett tried to play against Clemson but it wouldn’t have been fair to put the Mississippi native there when he still wasn’t 100 percent. Fellow veteran Robert Cooper said he was happy to see “Fabo” back on the training ground and the inside defensive line will only play better as the unit recovers.

– Redshirt junior defensive back Renardo Green flashed multiple times throughout the day. The technical staff tested him throughout the day with several receivers but for the majority of this one, he was in confinement. One play in particular, Green held tight coverage against Ontario Wilson from deep and ended up deflecting a pass through the air. He nearly came away with an interception out of bounds against receiver Ja’Khi Douglas.

– During 7-on-7 practice, DJ Lundy grabbed an interception off Jordan Travis on a short pitch. Lundy read the play perfectly and edged the tight end to make a play. The entire defense went to celebrate with the redshirted junior linebacker.

– Defensive end Derrick McLendon made great reading in two-minute drills to recognize a running back screen and force Jordan Travis to throw a football at his feet.

– Defensive end Leonard Warner got to Travis for a sack in two minutes.

– Defensive tackle Daniel Lyons continues to appear during practice. He combined with another inside defensive lineman to plug the offensive line and stop Rodney Hill at the line of scrimmage.

– Cornerback Greedy Vance almost came away with an interception. Tate Rodemaker was pressured on the play by defensive end Patrick Payton and the ball did not come out of his hand cleanly.

– Defensive lineman Dennis Briggs used a nice tearing motion to pass D’Mitri Emmanuel without too much trouble during the 1-on-1.

— Safety Jarques McClellion came away with an interception on a pass that was thrown into traffic behind a wide receiver.

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