German gear manufacturer Held presents the Segrino GTX boots


A good pair of riding boots contributes greatly to your safety and comfort on your motorcycle. While some riders aren’t too mindful of their footwear on the road, others can be very particular about their riding gear, so much so that they’ll never leave home on their bike without donning the best riding gear. head to toe. . The new Held Segrino GTX boots are aimed at these demanding people.

German gear and equipment manufacturer Held is proud of over half a century of top quality motorcycle safety gear that both looks good and performs. Its newest addition to its extensive product selection comes in the form of a versatile hiking boot. The Segrino GTX is ideal for riders who choose to ride all year round and don’t care about the weather. As such, it’s equipped with all the essentials you’d expect to find in a premium, waterproof, motorcycle-approved boot.

When it comes to style, the Segrino GTX boots take the form of traditional riding boots with a side zipper and Velcro strap to hold it in place. This gives the Segrino GTX a rather clean aesthetic that doesn’t make it stand out in any particular way. This is a good thing, especially for those looking to keep their gear looking sleek and suitable for a wide range of motorcycles. As such, Held’s new Segrino GTX boots are very versatile and can be used on ADVs, sports-tourers, naked street bikes and even sport bikes. Your feet are sure to stay warm and dry with an integrated GoreTex layer inside the boot.

When it comes to security features, Held has added everything you might need and more. For starters, a large fiberglass shin guard protects your shin in the event of an impact or slip. Fiberglass ankle protectors shield you from impact, twisting and sliding forces, further increasing the likelihood of you walking away from an accident. Finally, a non-slip sole in partnership with Vibram ensures a secure grip on your motorcycle whatever the weather.

As for pricing and availability, Held offers the Segrino GTX only in black. It is available in a very wide selection of sizes ranging from 37 to 50 and sells for 249.95 euros, the equivalent of around 270 US dollars. Note that prices may vary depending on where in the world you are shipping.


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