How to upgrade gear in A Plague Tale: Requiem


To upgrade equipment in A Plague Tale: Requiem, players must combine tools and parts at workbenches throughout the game, and many are not easy to spot.

One of the fundamental mechanisms that makes A Plague Tale: Requiem Different from its predecessor is its use of gear and weaponry, offering a more nuanced combat and stealth system. The game features more crafting to upgrade Amicia’s weapons and gives her special items to aid in the fight against the French Inquisition. However, players cannot upgrade their gear at any time. To improve the equipment in A Plague Tale: Requiemplayers must combine tools and parts at workbenches throughout the game, and many are not easy to spot.


For starters, there are 34 tools scattered across the game’s 17 chapters. They can be found either in Large chestswhich are gold with a hanging leaf, or Secret chests, which forces Amicia to break in with a knife. Knives are a limited number of items that can only be used once, so players should save them for secret chests. Chests are hidden around the world, similar to the Secret Reinforcement Armor in A Plague Tale: Requiem at the windmill puzzle. Most chests require leaving the main game path and exploring every room and nook. For example, the first tool is in an alcove in the doorway out of town in Chapter 3. Other chests are in hard-to-reach areas, such as Tool 13, found in a locked room that requires players to shoot the padlock. back door of the wooden cabin.

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Parts are easier to find than tools. Amicia can collect coins by searching regular chests scattered around the game or picking them up from various nooks and crannies. Equipment upgrades are a combination of tools and parts. These upgrades occur on workbenches that are found in Chapters 3-16 and tend to have a light nearby, illuminating tools hanging on the wall. Players can access the workbench to examine the five different categories of equipment: the sling of A Plague Tale: Innocencethe crossbow, Amicia’s alchemy items, equipment (which expands the inventory) and instruments (which improves the crafting process).

Every equipment upgrade available

Each category of equipment has three upgrades. Players will want to be strategic about the upgrades they make and not waste tools.

Sling Upgrades

  • Soft cords: This upgrade quiets the slingshot launch, allowing for easier stealth attacks.
  • Double Cradle: Amicia can now fire two shots before having to reload. This is an important upgrade for any playstyle, as it allows for more slingshot action in less time.

Crossbow upgrades

  • Flexible member: The crossbow has a shorter reload time, making this upgrade perfect for combat-focused players.
  • Biggest quiver: Another good update for fans of the A plague taleIn Amicia’s Aggressive skill tree, Amicia can now carry more lightning bolts.
  • Reinforced bolts: Amicia can remove bolts from corpses, reducing wasted resources when crafting fresh bolts.

Alchemy Improvements

  • Hidden pockets: If players enjoy using Amicia’s alchemy items, they will be able to carry more with this upgrade.
  • Strong fire: Amicia combines her Ignifer with a Jar to craft a 14th Century Grenade, killing all enemies within the blast radius
  • Unstable reaction: When Odoris comes into contact with fire, it explodes and kills unarmored enemies.

Equipment upgrades

  • Ringed belt: Amicia now carries an extra pot in her inventory, which when combined with Strong Fire can help players feel like Junkrat from Monitor 2.
  • Bottomless bag: If players prefer to use their alchemy to solve problems, they can carry more alchemy materials with this upgrade.
  • Belt holsters: Amicia has extra room for knives and pyrites in her belt.

Instrument Upgrades

  • Recycling tool: If Amicia has too many Jars, Bolts, Pyrites, or Knives, she can smash them into pieces.
  • Traveler’s tools: This upgrade makes workbenches unnecessary, as Amicia can upgrade her gear anywhere in the world.
  • Unbreakable tool: This effectively reduces the cost of future upgrades. One of the required tools is unbreakable and can be reused for future upgrades.

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    The sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence, released in 2019, A Plague Tale: Requiem is a single-player action-adventure stealth game developed by Asobo Studio. The story, set six months after the original game, follows Amicia and her brother Hugo as they continue their quest to cure Hugo’s rare blood disease. Members of the Inquisition pursue the two and face veritable hordes of rats spreading the Black Death throughout Europe. Players will control Amicia, who uses simple but effective weaponry to deal with her armored French pursuers and chemical melds to deal with the biggest threats. The game is a somewhat linear experience with large open areas, allowing players to approach the next area however they wish. In some cases, Hugo can control the rats to solve puzzles or dispatch enemies – but if the two end up in dark places, the rats will chase them. A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released on next-gen consoles, PC and Cloud for Nintendo Switch on October 18, 2022.


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