Is Arc System Works teasing a certain lady for Guilty Gear Strive?


You better be careful

Guilty Gear has one of the most diverse and iconic characters in fighting games, but fans of some fighters are louder and more vocal than others.

With the release of Guilty Gear Strive, a handful of the show’s most popular ladies have been banned from the initial roster, and a new post from Arc System Works has players wondering if they’re teasing any of them. them coming soon.

“Ghosts and ghouls will have to wait another year, but something really terrifying is on the horizon …” ArcSys wrote in its article. “You hear bells ringing as a creature descends from the snow-capped mountains. It … is coming … and so are the holidays.”

Many fans immediately jumped on the bandwagon, believing this to be a message that one of the few female fighters could be the next character in Strive DLC.

Baiken’s fan club were among the first to board the speculation train, because when you see “she … is coming …” there is only one thing that can mean to them. eyes.

Next to the one-armed samurai, Dizzy sits second on the list with players asking for the return of Queen-turned gear for a new fight.

Jam and Elphelt are also up there in terms of fan requests, although if you value the bells, Kum might make the most sense – but I personally doubt that’s her.

Before we get too excited about these prospects, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves if this is really a tease or maybe something else.

There’s one more Strive DLC character to release this year, and it looks like they’ll be revealed later this month.

There may be a deeper message in this article, but our gut tells us that maybe this is just a silly joke about Mariah Carey and her cover of “All I Want for Christmas. is You “appearing everywhere now that Halloween has passed.

Baiken recently appeared as a special guest character for Samurai Shodown, and it’s kind of weird that she’s playable there but not in Strive.

Despite the number of people asking for its inclusion, however, it is never really popular in terms of actual play, so it makes sense that ArcSys would leave it off the core roster and later sell it as content. downloadable.

Whoever it is, ultimately we should find out about Strive’s third additional fighter before the end of November.


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