‘It literally makes me sick’: Paige Spiranac slams elitist mentality in golf


Golf demands the utmost discipline, and not just in behavior but also in the clothes you wear. This same elite in sport can sometimes be an obstacle to the growth of sport. Also, Paige Spiranac recently spoke about the same and uttered some spicy words about the elite mentality in golf.

Spiranac spoke out against golf’s elitist mentality on the new episode of his podcast, Playing a Round With Paige Renee. In the episode, she opened up about how unhappy she felt when told about her dressing style on a golf course. At the same time, she explained that she basically hates this kind of elite thing with golf courses and always adheres to the dress code. Not to mention, the 29-year-old is famous for her bold opinions on various golf and non-golf related issues.


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In addition, Paige talked about how she is always careful with her dress code. At the same time, she talked about how this lousy mentality is one of the reasons golf can’t grow and expressed her regret about it. The social media star also shared how her mother once felt miserable when she went to play an event at a country club in Colorado, finished playing tennis and went to the pro shop , where the staff behaved badly with her.

Paige Spiranac speaks out against golf’s elite mentality

She said, “She went to one of the nicest country clubs in Colorado, they played an event there. And they just finished playing tennis. And they went into the pro shop to buy something with the gift card they had from an event, you know, a few weeks ago, and my mom is like, they were so rude to us at the clubhouse, it’s like that mentality, that elitist mentality when it is about golf that really gets me grinding gears.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – DECEMBER 05: Paige Spiranac of USA is overwhelmed with emotion as she speaks about being cyberbullied during her press conference ahead of the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters 2016 on the Majlis course at the Emirates Golf Club on December 5, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by David Canon/Getty Images)

Spiranac added, “And that’s why I’m so passionate about the dress code. And I think a lot of people miss it when I talk about it. It’s just weird. I always respect the dress code. And it’s like people were so rude to me. And it’s like those are the reasons golf isn’t growing. It’s the elitist mentality, and it makes me sick. It literally makes me sick. Plus, Paige’s lyrics prove how golf clubs can sometimes humiliate a golfer. At the same time, it is also how this barrier in the sport inhibits the growth of golf. Is Paige right?


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Has Spiranac ever won a professional event?

The 29-year-old won her first event as a professional in June 2016. She won an event on the Cacti tour at Orange Tree Golf Resort and she shot a final round of 68. As a result, Paige defeated Hannah O’Sullivan, the top ranked amateur at the time. However, after that his career started to go downhill.

Spiranac couldn’t do it through qualifying school. As a result, she was unable to get her card for the LPGA Tour. Additionally, Paige opened up about the amount of cyberbullying she experienced at an event in 2016. Ultimately, with all the factors adding up, she announced her retirement from competitive golf in December 2016.


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