Metal Gear Solid turns 24 today


There are many game franchises that have helped ignite the gaming industry. Some don’t even start out that way and then blossom into something very special and unique. Solid metal gear is a prime example of this, as the original games were descendant titles on the original Nintendo consoles. But then this game came to the original PlayStation and things went to a whole new level. Hideo Kojima was the mastermind behind it all and helped elevate several gameplay types and gameplay styles that hadn’t even been thought of in this way before. Today marks the 24th anniversary of the game’s release in Japan. As such, let’s honor the game by talking about everything that made it great and what games are coming so great.

While his visuals may not hold up to this day, Solid metal gear had a very special style when it debuted. 3D video games weren’t quite the norm yet, and therefore the title had to work with what it had and it absolutely did. Again, work with what you had at the time.

The other key thing was that despite Solid Snake having a gun, it wasn’t necessary for you to use it sometimes. The game was more than happy to let players choose stealth over everything else if it involved completing a mission, which many other titles didn’t realize until this one broke the mold. .

Then there was the story element. You’ve been thrown into a storyline that may have happened at the same time, but actually expanded on the lore of previous titles and set up a lot of things to come.

Hideo Kojima also made sure to subvert expectations at times, including giving you multiple ways to deal with threats, as well as having you plug your controller into the second PlayStation slot to overcome Psycho Mantis’ predictive powers. .

the original Solid metal gear set up a lot of stuff for the many titles to come. Hideo Kojima continued the story in a way many people didn’t expect at times. Including bringing in Raiden’s character for the sequel, or doing a prequel via snake eater to really show how things fell into place in the story. The fourth and fifth main entries were considered masterpieces by those who played them, and while fans didn’t quite know what was going on because of the “wheel-in-the-wheel” storytelling, they didn’t seem to care at all.

Unfortunately, right after the story ended, Kojima got into an argument with Konami. As such, the franchise flopped and likely won’t be revived. Appreciate what we got on this anniversary.

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