Mortgage loan arrangement 2019 not wise for energy-neutral houses

Oplevering 30 nul op de meter woningen frankhuis

Association Wide Rapids disagrees with the proposal of the Ministry of Finance for only € 5.000 euro difference in mortgage space between zero-on-the-meter homes (NOM homes) and those with an energy performance coefficient (ECP / EI = 0, measure for energy efficiency) of 0 or lower. According to the association, that is irresponsible. The association Wide Rapids is a coalition of, among others, industry, municipalities and housing corporations.

Energy-efficient homes

The aforementioned houses generate as much (or even more) energy as it needs for the house and the household. This can be achieved through an upgrade of the house with, among other things, facade approach, smart installations and own energy generation. Currently, buyers of this type of house can borrow € 25,000 on top of the usual maximum financing burden. According to the Mortgage Credit Regulations 2019, this will change for the EPC = 0 homes next year: this will be reduced to € 20,000. No energy performance guarantee needs to be provided.

Energy saving measures

Buyers of low-energy houses can borrow up to € 25,000 extra on top of the usual maximum financing burden if they opt for energy-saving measures such as:

  • High efficiency boiler
  • Heat pump
  • Solar water heater and cells
  • Cavity wall roof and floor insulation
  • HR ++ glazing

Difference homes

Both houses are sustainable, yet different. At NOM homes, the building-related and the user-related energy costs do not exceed zero. An EPC house has no building-related, but user-related energy costs. That is the energy consumption for household appliances.


Association Wide Rapids find the scheme not wise. According to the organization, the difference of € 5,000 is too low. She fears that it leads to irresponsible financing situations. To make it clear, the Association calculated the average difference at € 5,000 difference in mortgage space: that equates to € 197 net mortgage debt per year. The energy costs vary from € 616 to € 911 per year. Regarding apartments and detached houses respectively.

Mortgage advisor

The mortgage lender places the extra mortgage amount in a depot and checks whether the entire energy-saving measures are actually spent. For this they will ask to view the purchase notes. An independent mortgage adviser will gladly tell you under what conditions you can take 106% of the value of the home as a mortgage.



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