MyPLAYER Apparel Brands and New Arena Performances


With NBA 2K23 releasing just days away, more reveals continue to pour in. Ahead are the performances of the clothing brands and the arena.

This relates directly to MyPLAYER and MyCAREER as you will earn referrals as you progress through the field.

Let’s review what we can expect this year.

NBA 2K23 unveils the countdown

NBA 2K23 Countdown Reveals Clothing Brands and Arena Performance Today. We believe that we will also get information about MyPLAYER.

NBA 2K23 unveils the countdown


MyCAREER has already been revealed but it hasn’t shown much in the form of sponsorships that will be available. So, we hope to take a look at it too.

MYCAREER: What can we expect in the next round of NBA 2K23 reveals

Arena performance can refer to gameplay or how your MyPLAYER will interact once they set foot on the field. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what NBA 2K23 reveal comes next.

The latest reveals have got us really excited for the game, so if you’re looking to pre-order it, use the link below.

PRE-ORDER NOW: Secure your copy of NBA 2K23 before it arrives

MyCAREER Reveal from Thursday

Yesterday we received another NBA 2K23 reveal, this time it circled MyCAREER and we got to take a look at the return of “MP”.

Several guest spots appeared in the trailer, including Kendrick Perkins, once again criticizing our MyPLAYER.

TMAC APPEARANCE: It looks like we’ll be getting advice from former NBA stars

During the MyCAREER trailer, we also got a chance to see The City map, which looks slightly smaller but we’re not complaining about that.

Again, this will be an area of ​​NBA 2K23 that will receive a lot of attention and many are hoping it lives up to the hype it has received this year.

To learn more about MyCAREER, follow this link.

NBA 2K23 Content Schedule

Staying ahead of the NBA 2K23 content schedule will help you find all the information as soon as it’s released.

We still have a ton of reveals left, including behind-the-scenes MOCAP sessions, which may show off some of the new animations.

CONTENT SCHEDULE: Get ready for an NBA 2K23 reveal week

August 31 saw the reveal of all NBA 2K23 special announcers, including Richard Jefferson and Ray Clay.

Let’s take a look at all the events on the way. :

  • August 31 – Special Guest – DONE
  • September 1 – MyCAREER + 2K Beats – COMPLETE
  • September 2 – GOAT Boat (current generation) – DONE
  • September 3 – Apparel Brands + Arena Performances
  • September 4 – MOCAP (behind the scenes)
  • September 5 – Jordan Challenge (gameplay content)
  • September 6 – Player Ratings + Gameplay Content
  • September 7 – The City
  • September 8 – Season 1 of NBA 2K23
  • September 9 – Launch Date #2KDay23

Over the weekend we’ll see a few reveals, and then we’ll be back on Monday with the Jordan Challenge and additional NBA 2K23 gameplay.


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