NMSU receives Golfer Development Endowment Fund on behalf of Las Cruces Country Club


Whether helping customers at the pro shop or instructing them on the golf course, Keslee Sherman, a student employee at the NMSU Golf Course, enjoys the experience of working there and ” teach your skills to others.

Now, with a recent donation dedicated to the golf course, a new scholarship will help students like Sherman focus more on their studies and pursue their passions.

The New Mexico State University Foundation recently received an endowment that will support the NMSU Golf Course Development Program under the name Las Cruces Country Club.

“We wanted all proceeds from Las Cruces Country Club to go to the NMSU to fund golf scholarships and junior golf programs,” said Larry Alford, Chairman of the Board of Las Cruces Country Club. “We have had a great relationship with the management of the NMSU Golf Course over the years, and we appreciate this support. In return, we hope this endowment will continue to support golf opportunities at NMSU for a long time to come. “

The $ 690,000 endowment had been in the works with the Las Cruces Country Club for five to six years and was officially approved for approval in August 2021. It is expected to benefit students working at the NMSU Golf Course by offering scholarships to students of Management. PGA golf courses, hotel, restaurant and tourism management, or turf management programs.

“This gift is great for our students and it will help uplift a number of our programs,” said NMSU Chancellor Dan Arvizu. “I especially want to thank New Mexico Senator Joseph Cervantes, who helped facilitate this donation. This ensures that the legacy of Las Cruces Country Club will continue and benefit future generations.

“With this endowment, we will be able to support deserving students for years to come in a way that recognizes Las Cruces Country Club for its commitment to this community,” said Derek Dictson, President of the NMSU Foundation.

For Sherman, who is a PGA golf management student in the Marketing Department of the College of Business, a scholarship would ease the stress of making ends meet while juggling school and career development.

“I won’t need to worry about where the money is coming from afterwards,” said “I can focus on school and it can help me further my golf career – give more my heart is to what excites me, what comes to the golf course and helps people find their passion.

Students from other disciplines who work at the NMSU Golf Course will also be eligible for a scholarship through the new endowment.

“We also employ students from many different fields on campus and these students will also have the opportunity to obtain a portion of this scholarship,” said Jason White, NMSU Golf Course Director and PGA Member.

NMSU golf course programs include the PGA Junior League, PGA HOPE and summer camps. This funding opens up the possibility of enhancing golfers’ development, ensuring the safety of existing programs and potentially establishing new programs in the future for the community, White said.

“Whether it’s junior golf, military and veteran programs, diversity inclusion…

Through the endowment, another objective is to make golf more accessible to newcomers.

“We want to reduce those upfront costs, whether it’s equipment, programming or access to the golf course,” he said. “They can try it out to see if they like it and then go from there.”

Las Cruces Country Club has a rich history in the community and is known to be “the friendliest club in town”. It was established in 1928 and still has a group of members who come together and play the game they love on the NMSU golf course. The club’s legacy will continue with this endowment, with the hope of inviting more people to be a part of the golf community at Las Cruces while giving back to future generations.

“It’s a way for this name and this story to continue, which I think is really special,” White said. “We are honored as a university that they want to give us this gift to continue to advance their name. “

“If we can introduce more kids to golf and what we all love, then hopefully they will have the same golfing aspirations,” Alford added. “We just want them to remember that this is from Las Cruces Country Club, and it is for the betterment of golf, but also for the betterment of individuals.”

Pursuing close-knit friendships and jokes on the golf course, Alford said Las Cruces Country Club’s loyalty will stay with NMSU and live through the endowment.

White said the funding will be managed on behalf of the NMSU Golf Course and will be awarded to the tune of $ 30,000 per year.

Author: Tatiana Favela

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