NY Jets fan uses coin to perfectly predict NY Jets season record


Many New York Jets fans expected this year’s team to be an improvement over the previous season. No one expected the team to be 6-3 going into their Week 10 bye.

Well, hardly anyone.

Sports fans across the country have a variety of creative ways to predict their team’s record ahead of the start of the season. Over the years we’ve seen videos of animals bouncing balls through hoops labeled with team logos; we saw fish and dogs swimming and running towards treats placed in front of team logos; we have seen it all.

This time, a New York Jets fan placed his team’s fate on the flip side of a coin, and the results were remarkable.

Can you believe this New York Jets fan’s “Coin Flip” predictions?

A New York Sports fan on Twitter, whose handle is @noonernation and whose Twitter avatar name is simply Midday, has achieved the near-impossible. As he details on his page, at the start of the season he listed the New York Jets’ 17 regular season games in 2022 on a sheet of paper.

For each game he would flip a coin, and the “Heads” or “Tails” result would lead him to mark each game as a win or a loss. It led to the following result:

When Nooner posted this experience in August, fans were likely quick to dismiss it. Beat Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson? Beat the new Tyreek Hill team? BEAT THE BUFFALO BILLS? There was no way this prediction was accurate; in fact, he could have been broken by Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns.

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Robert Saleh and the team after the win / Getty Images

The Jets were disappointed in Week 1 against the Ravens, and after picking up a win over Cleveland in Week 2, were beaten by the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3. Robert Saleh was calling on his team to take the received, Zach Wilson was still on the shelf, and it looked like Jets fans were in for a long season.

Nooner, however, had yet to miss a prediction.

This is where this story goes from cool to amazing to miraculous. The Jets were storming back from their loss to the Bengals, winning four straight, giving them a 5-2 record in seven games.

Still, Nooner was lossless on the campaign, with Bill Belichick and the Patriots coming next. A loss in New England would mean a victory for Nooner’s prediction and one more test before the bye week.

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Zach Wilson after the Jets win / Getty Images

This was surely the toughest test the coin has faced. A rested Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills were in town to fight Zach Wilson, who had been embarrassed by New England, and the rest of the New York Jets.

60 minutes of football later, and Nooner’s perfect record remains intact.

Can New York Jets fans thank their team for a good start with a toss of a coin? No, probably not, but it sure is fun to think about. Combine the team’s commitment to culture and growth on both sides of the ball, and sprinkle some luck, and the New York Jets are 6-3 heading into their rest week.

Meanwhile, @noonernation is still a perfect 9-0.

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