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On March 23, 1998, beloved Vancouver Canucks agent Gino Odjick met with local reporters shortly after learning he had been traded. He wasn’t bitter, he said, but he wasn’t happy that he had to leave town either: “I just didn’t think I would be traded for someone I didn’t know. not even.”

Jason Strudwick, the unknown stranger, was resting in his Vancouver hotel when the call came in regarding the transaction. For a moment, he suspected the call was a prank. That’s when a second call arrived, telling him to gather his things and go down the stairs, where he would be taken to a press conference.

A journalist informed him of Odjick’s comments.

“I was pissed off,” Strudwick said. “I get it, but I was 23, and you think you’re invincible.”

His new team faced his old team the following night. And Strudwick chased Odjick, now with the New York Islanders, all over the ice, asking him to fight. Eventually the veteran acceded to the request and the two came together, but Strudwick quickly realized he was the only one trying to throw punches.

Odjick seemed happy to just keep Strudwick at bay.

“It was tiring me out,” Strudwick said. “He let go, ‘Boom, boom, boom’, and I got out. “

After the match, that same reporter asked Strudwick why he challenged one of the toughest players in the match.

“I thought I would introduce myself,” he said, “because he didn’t know who I was. “

Strudwick laughed. Now 46, he’s gone from play to play telling stories about it as part of TSN Radio’s Edmonton Talent List.


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