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When a 32-year-old Ryobi Tools employee suffered a hemorrhagic stroke last August at his home, he was sent to Prisma Health Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital to begin his path to rehabilitation. .

Nico DiNunzio has spent time in the West End Co-op inpatient and outpatient programs located in the Roger C. Peace Outpatient Brain Injury and Young Stroke Program Clinic.

The treatment saved his life and allowed him to regain his motor skills and other general life skills, according to a press release.

But that wasn’t the end of the story for Anderson’s Ryobi Tools team or DiNunzio’s career at the factory.

DiNunzio continued to have permanent vision loss in his right eye and motor weakness in one leg, but in March he was able to resume his role as the company’s full-time outdoor merchandising coordinator, according to the press release.

“The support I’ve received from not just my team, but the entire company throughout my recovery has been extremely uplifting,” DiNunzio said in the statement. “My team of therapists and doctors at Prisma Health helped me regain the skills needed to move forward in my life at home as well as the skills needed to return to work.”

Part of the therapy program offered to DiNunzio at Prisma Health’s West End Co-op focused on recovering the ability to use power tools.

After DiNunzio returned to work, Ryobi Tools, a division of TTI Power Equipment, donated more than $4,000 of its products, including tools used for woodworking, jewelry making, gardening and l landscaping, to the program that helped DiNunzio.

“At the time of his stroke, Nico’s health was the only priority,” Jess Wright, vice president of brand marketing for Ryobi, said in the statement. “Supporting him through his recovery and knowing he was receiving the best possible care at Prisma Health was reassuring to our entire team. His return to the office is a testament to the care he received and he is an inspiration to our entire company. To be able to give back to those who have invested so much in helping Nico is an honor.

Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital and the West End Co-op sell some patient-made items, including jewelry, cookies, and screen-printed artwork at

“In some cases, it’s patients practicing with the equipment; in others, it’s about learning a whole new way of handling the equipment or adapting it to make it more user-friendly,” said Kimbo Bridges, program supervisor at West End Co-op, in the press release. “Other patients can use these types of tools in their actual work, which helps them get back to work faster and gives this patient a huge motivational boost knowing their rehab has purpose and value. .”

The donation is not TTI Power Equipment’s first contribution to Prisma Health. In 2022, the company raised $20,728 for the healthcare network’s annual Dragon Boat Upstate Festival as a sponsor and race participant. Over the past three years, the company has donated $40,000 to the Prisma Health Cancer Institute through its participation in the Dragon Boat Race.

“We are extremely grateful to Nico and Ryobi for paying it forward and helping us do even more to fulfill our incredible mission at West End Co-op and across all inpatient and outpatient departments at Roger C Rehabilitation Hospital. .Peace,” Elizabeth DuBose, the hospital’s associate administrator, said in the statement.

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