Quinn Ewers is like Curt Flood; Michigan got away with detentions: letters


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About Quinn Ewers

Dear Mr. White: Someday we may remember the Texas high school phenomenon and Quinn Ewers, a tourist from Ohio State in the same way we remember Curt Flood. (For the Under-70s, Curt Flood was the player for the St. Louis Cardinal whose lawsuit against the MLB 50 years ago paved the way for baseball’s free agency.) It turns out that Ewers , as a five-star QB in high school, was offered equity in a beverage company only to find that Texas law prevented the name’s image and likeness from being taken advantage of by high school students. Solution: Get a high school diploma, enroll in Ohio State, and return to Texas in December. Quinn and her father both said, “We don’t need the money; that’s the principle, ”and there are reports that Ewers will leave Columbus with a million Principle Buckeyes he didn’t have before.

As ADs, coaches, fans and the press flock to the heyday of the “amateur student athlete,” NIL (and the transfer portal) are here to stay and represent the (hugely underrated) seismic changes. ) in high school and college football. Curt Flood would be delighted.

Jon Armstrong, Columbus

Dear Jon: Ewers is indeed the first quarterback to make millions from just two transfer games. But he did not impose any rule or work change. Either he made a bad choice in the schools, or he underestimated his own impatience. Or both. He could have gone to any school, but chose one where to queue and learn is necessary.

Ohio State Buckeyes safety Bryson Shaw (17) chases Michigan Wolverines running back Hassan Haskins (25) during the fourth quarter of the NCAA football game at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Saturday November 27, 2021. Ohio State lost 42-27.

On Ohio State vs. Michigan

Mr. editor: Yes, our guys train and play I didn’t play a good game at all, period. We had championship type players without having the heart of a champion. However, after reassessing this loss, it emerged that TTUN’s offensive line actually got away with several holdings that were never canceled. Coach Day should have been on the officials all game for this mess. No apologies, but it’s no wonder these racetracks are so wide open. Our young team will be back with a champion’s heart alongside championship-type players!

Robb Award

Mr. editor: I guess nobody noticed that Michigan was not called to hold, even if it held every time. It’s hard to get a bag when your players are being held.

David Bishop

Dear Robb, David: I don’t buy detention as an excuse to get bludgeoned. But if detention was allowed, maybe Ohio State’s offensive linemen should have started grabbing the blue jerseys.

About Ohio State University

To the editoriala: For Douglas Cook and others, say Ohio State University is not an assignment, it simply underlines the actual name of the institution since 1878, i.e. Ohio State University.

Robert Hengen, Columbus

Let's meet the Georgia Bulldogs, led by trainer Kirby Smart, who like Jim Harbaugh now trains his alma mater.  He's 64-15 in six seasons at Georgia, now including five straight spots in a six-bowl New Year's Eve game and a second-place finish in the college football playoffs.

On the college football qualifiers

to Brian: The CFP committee often receives a lot of complaints each season for its choices. Usually things work out and time erases any “mistakes”. But this year the problem is to keep Georgia. Alabama have now beaten them six times in a row. I say throw away the rankings and avoid this possible confrontation. I always wonder why teams (eg Oklahoma State, Utah) would want to play the same team they had already beaten in the same season. I know the answer is money. (I call it greed). However, there really isn’t anyone else who can fit in and win the playoffs.

I don’t think Cincinnati, Michigan or others like Baylor or Notre Dame would beat Alabama. Ohio State was as beaten last year as Georgia last week. But, for me, Baylor is the better choice, provided their starting QB Gerry Bohanon has recovered from a hamstring injury. I realize the committee should check their status before deciding on the final four teams – perhaps an unusual request – but otherwise the scores could drop if it comes down to Georgia again. Zzzzz.

Larry Cheek, Dublin

to Larry: Few think Georgia is one of the top four teams in the country. It doesn’t seem fair to rule them out as they struggle to beat Alabama.

Mr. editor: Imagine the excitement there would be this weekend if the Conference Championships got automatic playoff bids. It could be done and would generate a mountain of money. Eleven conference champions and five in general. The bowls continue as always. The first losers of the playoffs are available. Fairness with real champions, real upheaval and a mountain of money. No fuss.

Joseph H. Carr, Upper Arlington

Kenny Pickett runs for a touchdown in the first quarter of the CCA Championship game.

On fake slides

Hi Brian: Have you seen Kenny Pickett’s fake slide in the game Pitt-Wake Forest? Without a doubt, he was delighted with the results of what happened. However, the Rules Committee had better take action to correct this type of QB witchcraft now. As you might expect, the defense has given up on this game altogether. The QB is basically everyone’s ‘holy cow’ on the pitch. Defensive players don’t risk a 15-yard unsportsmanlike appeal or a player’s expulsion when contemplating a QB about to fall of their own accord. Worse yet, the next QB that slips (or starts slipping) risks having their head ripped off.

Rick higgins columbus

Hi Rick: Indeed, Pickett will be the last quarterback to simulate a slip and continue. The NCAA thought like you and banned the fake slide last week.

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