Road construction season kicks into high gear in Winnipeg


The road construction season is about to kick into high gear in Winnipeg as work begins on Sunday to upgrade two major highways, forcing businesses along the way to brace for a big hit.

Starting Sunday, all but one northbound lane of Stafford Street will be closed from Pembina Road to Corydon Street. Next summer, northbound lanes will be affected.

A pizza delivery and pick-up location expects the closure of Stafford to reduce a slice of its business.

“Coming out of COVID, we’re back in the world and we’re adventuring and doing impromptu things too, so we’re going to miss a lot of the traffic,” said Joel Kurkjian, co-owner of Slice’s Pizza.

“With all the shutdown, it’s going to be a bit difficult for most businesses here.”

Kurkjian hopes his regulars can find the detour, with the City of Winnipeg directing traffic south via Harrow Street.

Starting Monday, Jubilee Avenue westbound from Osborne Street to Coburn Street and one eastbound lane will be closed as the city completely redoes the road.

“Jubilee has spent her life. It requires renewal, so we need to get the work started,” said Andrew Condon, Project Manager at the City of Winnipeg.

Next summer, the eastbound lanes will be closed for roadworks.

“We will remove all existing sidewalks, dig down to a new subframe, place a new base and concrete sidewalks,” Condon said.

Construction on Stafford and Jubilee will be completed in fall 2023.

The City of Winnipeg said 140 kilometers of road in 150 locations will be renewed this year.

“Businesses cross fingers, road works, municipal permits, can all work together and make it happen.” said Kurkjian.


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