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BLACKFOOT – The annual Rupe’s Two Man Best Ball tournament at the Blackfoot Municipal Golf Course is over for another year.

No one knew that when the flight sheets were posted, no one would have to look higher than the very first team nominated to find this year’s champions.

Rote Chuensiri and Ashton McArthur’s side posted a score of 64 in the first round, then backed it up with a 62 in the second round thanks to McArthur’s play in the turn to take top honors at this favorite local event.

McArthur beat the course in scorching heat with a score of 63, which propelled the team to the highest honors with a combined score of 126 for the two-day event.

Heat aside, the course was in perfect condition for the tournament and the scores were very low in the conditions.

“It looked like Chuensiri had just played the game of McArthur, who was on fire from the start of the second round,” said Blackfoot pro Chris Smith. “McArthur really put on a show there on Sunday.”

Hunter Sjolstorm and Cole Lindsay’s team finished second, scoring 63 and 64 for a total of 127 in two days.

Arnulofo Quintero and Efren Quintero Jr. finished third, who had scores of 66 and 62 for a tournament total of 128.

Efren Quintero Sr. and Cesar Quintero were fourth with scores of 64 and 65 for a total of 129 over two days.

There was a tie for fifth place between the teams of Ray French and Tony French and the team of Scott Staker and Tony Moon. The French team posted a 66 and 64 while Staker and Moon reversed those scores with a 64 and 66 for a total of 130 per team over two days.

The Championship Flight paid $ 1,000 in pro shop merchandise for the first-place team, while the second-place team took home $ 600, the third was worth $ 500, the fourth $ 400, and the teams fifth. shared $ 200.

The first flight ended in a tie between the teams of Mike and Chase Faler, who posted scores of 63 and 67, for a total of 130 over two days and Tyler Lopez and Andrew Kinney with scores of 63 and 67 also.

In third place was the team of Ricky Dotson and Josh Gibbs with scores of 64 and 67 for a total of 131.

In fourth, the team of Shayne Proctor and Jeff Wilson, who opened with an excellent score of 60, only managed a par 72 tied on Sunday for a total of 132.

A three-way tie for fifth place with team scores of 133 was posted by the teams of Jordan Bird and Tyler Anderson, Colton Christensen and Jeff Moser, and the team of Jeff Bloxham and JD Bloxham.

The winners split $ 1,600 between the two teams, third place was worth $ 500, fourth place $ 400 and the three-way division for fifth saw the three teams split $ 300 between them. All cash prizes are in pro shop products.

In the second flight, the championship was won by Jerry Losee and Mike Frandsen who arrived with scores of 61 and 69 for a total of 130 in two days.

A tie for second and third was posted by the teams of Larry Jaeger and Doug Goodwin and the team of Larry Johns and Jeremy Shoemaker. Jaeger and Goodwin got scores of 66 and 68, while Johns and Shoemaker also got scores of 66 and 68.

Another tie for fourth place was reported by the teams of Jeff Simons and Jamon Anderson with scores of 62 and 73 and the team of Mike Harris and Matt Harris with scores of 59 and 76. Also with a score of 135 was the team of Magic Smith and Merle Smith.

The second flight teams won $ 1,000 for the victory. The second place teams shared a total of $ 1,100. The three teams that tied for fourth will all share $ 600 in prize money.

The third robbery saw Shawn Lawes and Derik Williams’ team post the best team score of 132 on their first round score of 58 and the second day total of 74. They won the robbery by a whopping six strokes. , the biggest margin of the tournament.

In second place was the team of Dane Faler and Dominic Sereno with scores of 67 and 71 for a total of 138 in two days.

A three-way tie for third place was posted by Elias Trejo and Randy Resendiz and the team of Jr. Lopez and James Bischoff and the team of Sean White and Joel Jolley who all had 140 totals.

In sixth place was the team of Spencer Clark and Trevor Peters who scored 70 and 71 for a total of 141 in two days.

The third robbery brought in a cash prize of $ 1,000 for the first, $ 600 for the second, $ 1,100 split into three lanes for the third and $ 100 for the sixth. All money donated is in the form of pro shop merchandise.

In the Ladies Flight, the winners were Kylie Aguayo and Juanita Dayton who scored 57 and 68 for a total of 125 in two days.

In second place was the team of Elaine Howell and Taylor Howell who posted scores of 62 and 66 for a total of 128 for the two days of play.

In third place was the team of Ruth Drayer and Michelle Kordopatis with scores of 62 and 71 for their total of 133 over two days.

A three-way tie for fourth was posted by Tamie Hicks and Kelly Edwards, Andrea Collins and Danielle Mabey, and Keri Guiberson and Jennifer Durham. All of these teams posted a total of 135 over two days.

First place in the Ladies Flight was worth $ 600 to the winners, $ 400 for the second, $ 300 for the third and the fourth place teams will share $ 100. All cash prizes must be spent in the pro shop for merchandise.

The tournament sponsor, Rupe’s Burgers, was very happy with the participation of almost 100 teams and thanked all participants for their support and the feeling was mutual on the part of the players, who all appreciate the tournament format and the great fund. of prices made possible for the entries and sponsorship of Rupe’s Burgers.

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