Stafford, LeBron, Saban, oh my god. What We Learned From Week 3 Of Monday Night Football With Peyton & Eli


If you thought Peyton and Eli Manning’s Monday Night Football telecast reached its peak when Rob Gronkowski and Pat McAfee joined the show, you were wrong.

In the end, Week 2 was just a warm-up for what was about to unfold in Week 3 (without disrespecting “Red Zone Robby G” or McAfee) when Matthew Stafford , LeBron James, Nick Saban and Chris Long have called for the NFC East showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

The undeniable elite guest list was just the start, as anyone who watched knows the real star of the night was one Eli “Shakira” Manning (keep reading).

From the Manning brothers providing some of the most insightful analysis you’ll hear in a football game to Eli making his best impression of Dak Prescott – and mercilessly trolling Peyton for his pit spots – here’s what we learned from the latest installment. from ManningCast:

Eli does wonders …

Not only did Eli receive rave reviews from his mother for her performance in Weeks 1 and 2, but the two-time Super Bowl MVP was also broadcasting without shoes – just socks.

Eli heals …

On Sunday, Eli saw his jersey withdrawn by the New York Giants. On Monday, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick – who are scheduled to face each other in week four of Brady’s first game in New England since leaving the Patriots – both appeared in an Eli tribute video, prompting Peyton to exclaim:

“You are a healer. You are a bouncer, my brother.”

Eli’s hips don’t lie …

Eli decided to demonstrate how Dak Prescott “creates a couple” by loosening her hips during her pre-game warm-up routine. After Eli compared himself to Shakira, Peyton was left speechless, commenting, “I have nothing for you. I’ll let this flow for our viewers.”

The Manning brothers can’t help but tweet at each other …

Once he recovered again, Peyton was quick to blame Eli’s “average boy jeans” for his inability to turn as well as the Cowboys QB.

To anyone’s surprise, the sibling crime was far from one-sided, as Eli chose to draw attention to the Peyton Pit spots and hint that his older brother lacked athleticism:

“Keep those arms down, Peyton. I know dad will have it in his comments for next week. Next week, arms down. ” – Eli on Peyton having sweat stains

“Has anyone called you a monster before?” I don’t know athletically. – Eli to Peyton in response to a tweet calling his older brother a “monster”

Stafford collapsed at Manning camp …

Manning Passing Academy has seen its fair share of distinguished campers, but Matthew Stafford made a lasting impression in 2008 when he “started the tightest spiral.”

Peyton shared that neither he nor Eli wanted to pitch after the Los Angeles Rams star, with Eli joking, “I’m going to pitch after the Dartmouth guy.”

Dartmouth QB deserved better.

It could have been Peyton at LeBron all day …

In the latest edition of “What if LeBron chooses football over basketball?” Peyton couldn’t help but entertain the type of duo he and King James would have been.

Saban has nothing but respect for Hurts …

As college football fans know, after Jalen Hurts was replaced by Tua Tagovailoa, the Eagles quarterback left Alabama to play a season with the Oklahoma Sooners. But that doesn’t mean there’s coolness between Nick Saban and former Crimson Tide QB. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

The Manning brothers take a break until week 7. Until then we’ll wonder if Eli is living with his parents …


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