Strava expands ‘My Gear’ mileage tracking for bikes so you know when to repair and replace components


Strava has expanded its controls to add material to activities on its fitness tracker app to now include bike components to help users track mileage for each part of the bike to plan for upgrade and schedule. ‘bicycle maintenance.

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By adding your bike and each of the components to the app, Strava keeps a running total of the number of kilometers you’ve accumulated on each part of the bike from the trips you upload to the platform and assign to the affected bike – c is different from the way it worked before, because each component could not be broken down separately.

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First, you need to register your bike to your profile, and then you can break it down into all of the components attached to that bike, which can be taken out individually when you trade in new ones.

Hover the mouse over your profile picture in the upper right corner of the website, you can select “Settings” from the drop-down menu, then click “My Equipment”, and finally “Add Bike”.

To create a bike, you will need to enter some details: a nickname, a brand, a model, and choose the type of bike. There is also the possibility to enter the weight of the bike and a rating. Strava then uses the weight and type of your bike to calculate horsepower.

Once you’ve added your bike to the platform, you can add components to keep a detailed log for each part of your bike.

Select the bike you want to add components to, then click “Add Component” on the right side.

2021 Strava new component.JPG

You can then select the component tire from the list, enter the make, model and weight. There is also the option to include when the component was added to your bike.

The components can then be removed once you have replaced the part.

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It is possible to change the equipment attached to your activity after the outing, on the Strava website or mobile app.

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