The history of the South’s No. 1 football shirt


BATON ROUGE – As LSU is number 18, Southern is number 1. This is not given to a player with great athletic ability, but to someone who excels in the classroom.

Former Jags head coach Dawson Odums carried on the tradition of handing the jersey to the player with the highest cumulative average in 2016, a tradition that has remained with the team ever since.

“You know everyone wants to work at number one, and everyone likes number 1. But getting number 1 has nothing to do with athletic ability. It depends on how you are. class, ”said Jason, head coach of the South. said Rollins.

This year that player is Brian Jordan Jr.

“He’s the very definition of the student-athlete, very selfless. He wouldn’t do anything for the team,” said Rollins.

“It shows all the hard work I put in off the field at the library. You just have to write documents, take tests because it pays off,” said Brian Jordan Jr., senior.

Jordan not only excelled in the classroom, but also on the court. He went from being a substitute to starting linebacker for the team.

“He must have missed the spring season due to an ACL injury. And to see how hard he worked to get back into shape and be ready for fall, it’s all coming together right now,” said Rollins.

“It’s been tough. There have been ups and downs. It just shows that all the work really pays off,” Jordan said.

The Bayou Classic will be Brian Jordan’s last game as Jag. The defensive back is currently completing his Masters in History.


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