Which characters are used the most by the Top 100 Guilty Gear Strive players?


Guilty Gear Strive now has 18 playable characters to choose from, but which of the best players on the planet are actually using them?

Good, Felix Windström just launched a new website that tracks over 2.5 million matches played on the PC version of Strive, which ranks the top 100 players and their characters.

Looking at the list, there are a lot of recognizable names from the competitive scene including DEB at number one as well as NASR | Latif, BNBBN, Moist | Hotashi, Snake_Eyez and others, so you can probably predict most of them. choice.

If you thought Mr. Sol Badguy would be the most popular among the best online, you would actually be wrong even though he is number two with 12 players.

Nagoriyuki is the one to take the overall crown with 17 top spots, which ultimately isn’t too surprising if you’ve been paying attention to how the tournament scene has developed over the past few months.

What’s nice to see is that most of the cast have above average ratings, including DLC ​​fighters Happy Chaos and Goldewis, but of course there are those who fall short of expectations.

Perhaps the most surprising result is that Millia has zero representation in the top 100 while four others have two or less between Jack-O, Anji, Faust and I-No.

Interestingly, these rankings are not based solely on winning records, but rather on the Glicko-2 scoring system which is often used to assess skill in games like chess.

You can check out the full breakdown of the top 100 characters below.

• Nagoriyuki – 17

• Floor – 12

• Happy chaos – 7

• Zato-1 – 7

• Ramlethal – 7

• Goldlewis – 6

• Giovanna – 6

• Potemkin – 6

• Axis – 6

• Chipp – 6

• May 5

• Leo – 5

• Ky – 5

• Jack-O-2

• Anji – 1

• Faust – 1

• I-No – 1

• Thousand – 0


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