Wichita Falls Police Officers Association Donates Nearly Equipment to Boys and Girls Clubs


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita Falls Boys and Girls Club has served thousands of children in our community since 1929, an act that often leaves our local clubs in need of new equipment.

“Equipment is the hardest thing to keep enjoyable. You have thousands of kids walking by, they’re all dribbling the same basketballs, you know they bump into everything and they’re just kids, you know how it is at home,” said Cara Sauceda, director of programs for the Boys and Girls Club.

That’s why Sauceda says this donation from the Wichita Falls Police Department means so much.

“It’s amazing to see these officers putting so much time and effort into this. The officers each had to donate to break protocol and grow beards and they did so for months. They gave from their own pockets so the kids in this community could have something new and something to be proud of,” Sauceda said.

The Back the Beard campaign is what made it all possible.

Officers grow facial hair in exchange for a monetary donation and with these funds the Wichita Falls Police Officers Association is able to purchase items like games, basketballs and even televisions flat screen TVs for our local Boys and Girls Clubs.

sergeant. Charlie Eipper says he’s proud it’s something they’re able to do.

“It just fills our hearts with joy that they see in a way that we don’t just tell them that we care about them that we can show them and they can see it through tangible things that they have need in their clubs,” Eipper said.

Items that these children are surely grateful for.

“A big thank you to the Wichita Falls Police Department as well as the Association of Police Officers, because without them it would be a much different place here,” Sauceda said.

“It was our citizens’ donations that helped make this happen, so we just started the program, so thank you Wichita Falls for helping us provide for our children,” Eipper said.

Providing many items that will make a difference in the lives of our young people for years to come.


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