Wisconsin melon logs for 900 series


Photo provided by Cody Schmitt

ARLINGTON, Texas – To say that Cody Schmitt of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin feels at home in Anchor Lanes is perhaps an understatement.

The 26-year-old right-hander grew up bowling in the 12-lane Elkhart Lake center before his family took over the facility in 2013, and he runs the pro shop inside the center – Firehouse Pro Shop – since summer 2019.

He is surrounded by his family and longtime friends every day he walks in, which made his experience of three,300 straight games for a 900 series on November 16 something he will never forget.

Schmitt’s perfect night in the GFL on Tuesday at Anchor Lanes was approved by the US Bowling Congress, making him the 37th bowler in history to achieve the feat.

The set is the 38th USBC approved 900 in total and the first since former US team member Wesley Low Jr. of Palmdale, Calif., Pitched 900 to start a tournament in Glendale, Ariz. , in July 2020.

Schmitt had organized a few big sets at Anchor Lanes ahead of his streak of 36 straight strikes last Tuesday, including 859 streaks in 2018 and 879 in 2020.

His 879 also started with 300 straight games, before a 4 at the start of Game 3 ended his streak. He built on what he learned during that experience as he approached his final images.

“I got to the fourth frame, I think, before the ball got a little bit of a check and I left a 4 for it,” Schmitt said. “I think that experience also helped me on Tuesday night. Once I got past the fourth period of Game 3, I thought maybe I had a chance to do it.”

As he got to the 10th frame of Game 3, a Facebook Live video from the Anchor Lanes account caught his attention on lanes 11 and 12, as Schmitt looked to throw three more strikes.

His second shot in the 10th was left of the target but managed to hold the line up to the pocket, but his last shot left little doubt, earning him a place in the USBC.

“I don’t really think there is a way to prepare your mind to try your luck at 900,” said Schmitt, who owned 22,300 and 18,800 USBC-approved prior to his 900 series. “I just focused on focusing. about having good mechanics and getting the shots I needed to do. The second ball in the 10th was definitely not my best shot. I missed the inside, but I had that wiggle room . to be a little lucky to throw it. I was lucky, and the pins were going the right way for me. “

Schmitt became the fourth bowler to bowl 900 in Wisconsin, joining Tony Roventini (1999), Mark Wukoman (2006) and PJ Giesfeldt (2007).

He also needed every pin to set the house record at Anchor Lanes. John Reiss rode 899 on the same pair of tracks in January 2000.

Through social media, Schmitt received countless best wishes and congratulations on this achievement, highlighted by Professional Bowlers Association Player of the Year Jason Belmonte and PBA Tour Commissioner Tom Clark.

“It was extremely overwhelming,” Schmitt said. “So many people have reached out to me to wish me congratulations, and I’m the type of person who wants to thank everyone. Even though I don’t happen to everyone, I really appreciate all good wishes. It’s something that’s really humbling and cool. “

As his streak of success continued with a streak of 853 (289-287-277) just two days after his set of 900, Schmitt is very grateful for the people he was able to share the moment with at Anchor Lanes, including including his parents, Dan and Linda. .

“It’s definitely special to do this in your drop-in center in front of everyone you grew up with,” Schmitt said. “It was my dad who filmed the Facebook Live video, and my mom worked there. It’s good to have your family there for sure. One of the first things I got did was give my dad a hug. do that with their family present, and that’s something really special to me. “

The first USBC-approved 900 took place on February 2, 1997, when Jeremy Sonnenfeld won three straight Perfect Games in Lincoln, Nebraska.

For more information on USBC recordings, visit BOWL.com/Records.

USBC Approved 900 Series (38)
Jeremy Sonnenfeld (right), Lincoln, Neb., February 2, 1997
Tony Roventini (left), Greenfield, Wisconsin, November 9, 1998
Vince Wood (R), Moreno Valley, CA, September 29, 1999
Robby Portalatin (left), Jackson, Michigan, December 28, 2000
James Hylton (R), Salem, Oregon, May 2, 2001
Jeff Campbell II (R), New Castle, Pennsylvania, June 12, 2004
Darin Pomije (D), New Prague, Minn., December 9, 2004
Robert Mushtare (right), Fort Drum, NY, December 5, 2005 and February 19, 2006
Lonnie Billiter Jr. (right), Fairfield, Ohio, February 13, 2006
Mark Wukoman (R), Greenfield, Wisconsin, April 22, 2006
PJ Giesfeldt (right), Milwaukee, December 23, 2006
Rich Jerome Jr. (R), Baltimore, December 22, 2008
Chris Aker (left), Winnemucca, Nevada, October 30, 2009
Andrew Teall (right), Medford, New Jersey, November 2, 2009
Andrew Mank (right), Belleville, Illinois, March 18, 2010
William Howell III (left), Middletown, NY, October 21, 2010
Matt Latarski (right), Medina, Ohio, November 28, 2010
Bob Kammer Jr. (R), Crown Point, Indiana, January 8, 2011
John Martorella Sr. (R), Greece, NY, April 12, 2012
Jimmy Schmitzer (D), Riverside, California, April 20, 2012
James Williams (R), Pawcatuck, Connecticut, (bowled in Wakefield, RI) April 16, 2013
Joe Scarborough (R), Charlotte, NC, (played in The Villages, Florida) April 21, 2013
Todd James (R), East New Market, Md., (Bowling alley in Laurel, Del.), March 18, 2014
Amos Gordon (D), Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 11, 2014
Earon Vollmar (right), Toledo, Ohio, January 19, 2015
Hakim Emmanuel (D), Stoughton, Mass., February 19, 2015
David Sewesky (left), Dearborn, Michigan, January 10, 2016
Dale Gerhard (right), Mill Hall, PA, January 12, 2016
Sean Osbourn (R), Houston, November 21, 2016
John Buchanan III (R), Evansville, Indiana, January 11, 2017
Sam Esposito (right), Homer Glen, Illinois, February 3, 2017
Brady Stearns (D), St. Cloud, Minn., March 28, 2017
Joe Novara (R), East Patchogue, NY, October 16, 2017
Jonathan Wilbur (D), North Clarendon, Vermont, January 14, 2019
Jeremy Milito (left), Holbrook, NY, April 25, 2019
Wesley Low Jr. (L), Palmdale, Calif. (Bowled in Glendale, Arizona) July 19, 2020
Cody Schmitt (D), Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, November 16, 2021


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