Wrangler aims to attract anglers with its new fishing clothes


Wrangler adds fishing apparel to its off-road gear with shirts and shorts that stretch, wick and block UV rays.

The ATG Wrangler Angler Collection was designed for anglers with an emphasis on function and comfort. Its moisture-wicking fabrics should help you cool down and stretch to move with you.

Like the rest of the brand’s ATG clothing, the Angler collection is available in a wide range of sizes and silhouettes to suit a wider audience.

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WRANGLER_ATG Angler_Women Mens Angler Dress Angler Shirt & Utility Shorts

Fisherman Collection

The Angler collection includes traditional looking shirts, shorts and dresses for men and women, as well as long sleeve performance t-shirts specially designed for fishing in direct sunlight.

Some pieces focus on wicking moisture away from your body while others also provide some protection against splashing water. All pieces offer some level of sun protection, with some pieces rated up to UPF 50.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the standouts from the collection to show the different styles available.

Angler Long Sleeve Shirt—Women’s and Men’s

WRANGLER_ATG Angler_SS22_Fisherman Shirts for Men and Women

When you think of a fishing shirt, that’s it – plus a few special features and the UPF 50 rating. From a cotton blend fabric that should give the shirt some stretch, it has two pockets chest (both with drainage holes, one with a deployable dry patch), plus rod loops to give you a free hand for changing gear.

The shirt also has a tab to keep your sleeves rolled up. Mesh vents in the back yoke allow for better airflow. And the finishing touch is a lens cleaner inside the hem.

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Angler Shorts—Men

WRANGLER_ATG Angler_SS22 Mens Fishing Shorts

The Angler Shorts are made from cotton with a touch of stretch. The front of the shorts has large stretch pockets and a rear zip pocket for secure storage. There is also a built-in D-ring for hanging fishing tackle.

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Fisherman dress — women

WRANGLER_ATG Angler_SS22 Fisherman Robe

The Angler dress is made from sweat-wicking polyester and spandex and designed to stretch with you. It has mesh vents at the back for better airflow and an adjustable waist. Flap chest pockets include drainage holes and two hand pockets allow you to store items while setting up your rod.

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Performance Shirt—Men

WRANGLER_ATG Angler_SS22_Performance Sun Shirt Front & Utility Shorts

The moisture-wicking polyester of this long-sleeve shirt is designed to provide UV protection with its UPF 50 rating. If you need to store it, there’s a locker loop in the neck so he can hang on. The fabric and construction should also resist shrinking and wrinkling.

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Hooded sun T-shirt—Women

WRANGLER_ATG Angler_SS22 Hooded T-Shirt

This shirt puts a light hood on the absorbent polyester of the Performance Shirt. Like the men’s version, it has raglan sleeves designed to leave room for plenty of throws and benefits from UPF 50 sun protection. It comes with an envelope pocket on the side seam.

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Utility shorts—Men

WRANGLER_ATG Angler_SS22_Mens Utility Shorts & Angler Shirt Back

These nylon shorts combine a bit of stretch with UPF 50 UV protection. According to Wrangler, they also have a water repellent finish to shed water jets. To live up to its “utility” name, the shorts have five pockets, including one with a zipper for a wallet and one with Velcro closure.

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Hike to Fish Short Sleeve Shirt—Men

WRANGLER_ATG Angler_SS22_Hike to Fish Shirt

The Hike to Fish Stretchy and Absorbent Short Sleeve Shirt uses mesh ventilation in the back to aid cooling while providing sun protection. It has a zippered Napoleon pocket, a secure-closing tote pocket and even a hidden lens cleaner inside the hem.

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Extendable sun protection

If you’re an experienced angler, you may have seen someone start sweating too much and taking their shirt off. At the end of the day, they are red and complain of sunburn.

It’s always a temptation when fishing from the shore because there is often a breeze. But unlike sunscreen, a shirt only needs to be applied once.

Wrangler constructed much of the garments in the Angler Collection from absorbent materials and gave them mesh ventilation. This should help keep you dry and comfortable on the water, and the long sleeves protect you from UV rays.

Wrangler includes some of these strategies in its other ATG apparel as well. However, the Angler collection has little touches like rod loops and open storage pockets that suit anglers better than hikers. Explore the rest of the collection to see more clothing designed for fishing.

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WRANGLER_ATG Angler_SS22_Mens Close Angler Shirt

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