Zaev at ERT: issue of name of Macedonian national team at EURO 2020 will be resolved


Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev, in a written statement to broadcaster ERT on Friday regarding the Euro 2020 jerseys.

Zoran said the issue regarding the kit worn by the country’s national team at EURO 2020 has already been raised and will be resolved based on the Prespa deal and UEFA rules.
The team’s uniform bears the initials FFM for the Macedonian Football Federation.
“All of Europe knows that our national football team represents North Macedonia in the championship. Even if the Federation is not a public entity, the national team is like in all countries of the world. So it is and should be clear at all levels and to everyone that this is the North Macedonian national team, regardless of the Federation’s initials on the kit, ”Zaev said.
“We have already raised this aspect with the Federation and will resolve the issue on the basis of the Prespa agreement and UEFA’s rules and traditions in the coming period,” he added.
“[The] The implementation of the Prespa agreement is a work in progress, and our aim is to gradually find solutions with our neighbors who implement the agreement and move us forward on the basis of cooperation and mutual respect ”, Zaev stressed.

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