Zivame, India’s Largest Lingerie Retailer, Selects WFX PLM to Digitize Its Operations

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Zivame, India’s largest online lingerie retailer, has chosen WFX PLM to digitally transform its business operations.

WFX PLM, a product lifecycle management solution from WFX-World Fashion Exchange, is used by over 600 fashion companies worldwide. The software helps fashion companies streamline product design, planning and development processes, as well as improve visibility into their supply chains.

Officially named Actoserba Active Wholesaler, the Bengaluru-based fashion retailer has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception and is reportedly valued at over US$100 million. The company was founded by Richa Kar in 2011 with the vision of “helping women shop intimate apparel without restraint”. Today, Zivame offers over 5,000 styles in over 50 brands and over 100 sizes.

Apart from its well-known e-commerce site, Zivame sells its products in over 30 retail stores and over 800 partner outlets across India with plans to expand into new markets as well. However, the speed and scale of growth has also made it difficult for the team to effectively manage day-to-day operations.

With phenomenal growth over the past few seasons, getting better visibility and data has become all the more important for Zivame to streamline its design and production process.

As the business expanded, she found that her current manual method of working through Excel sheets and email communication was a barrier to her future growth. Without software intervention, teams were prone to making mistakes or missing important deadlines. Meanwhile, many resources remained underutilized.

WFX is one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based digital software such as ERP, PLM, virtual showroom and more suitable for fashion businesses. This deep expertise and understanding of the fashion industry is why Zivame turned to WFX for its digital transformation journey.

As Zivame expanded its bras and intimate apparel product line to include activewear, beachwear, sleepwear, shapewear, maternity wear and accessories, it needed a solution that would consolidate data from all departments, provide real-time updates on design status, document changes made during design iterations, and many other features that would make life easier for designers and technicians.

With WFX PLM, Zivame can seamlessly integrate design, manufacturing, and merchandising teams. He wants to create an environment where everyone is aware of what’s going on at every stage of production, so they can access consolidated order data, manage rework requests, and see what’s next in their workflow. , wherever it is.

Most importantly, WFX PLM’s digital Tech Pack tools will allow Zivame to streamline design processes by integrating all design files in one place and making them easily accessible to everyone involved in the design process. This will save the team a lot of time from having to search multiple locations on their computer or sift through emails for individual files. They can focus on designing beautiful products instead of wasting time searching for files and reworking mistakes made while emailing them.

The team shared that since using Excel sheets to create Tech Packs, Zivame’s biggest challenge was not being able to share and communicate effectively with its vendors.

WFX PLM’s centralized Tech Pack module allows product teams to make changes directly on the platform to ensure everyone (including vendors) is working from accurate, up-to-date information. As a designer, the biggest benefit of creating a Tech Pack in WFX PLM is the ability to do sample approvals for every stage of development within the platform. It allows them to track and approve everything from prototypes, pre-production samples to production samples anytime, anywhere.

Ultimately, WFX PLM will help Zivame streamline all of its design and production processes by providing a single source of truth for all product development-related information, including design data and design change requests ( DCR). The solution will also give employees access to a wide range of tools that will allow them to easily store information in a centralized database, manage critical data such as CAD files, material data, BOMs and much more in a user-friendly and easy-to-use search tool. use system.

Kiruba Devi, Category and Sourcing Manager, Zivame.

“As we are an e-commerce business, we deal with a large number of options, so having all stakeholders on one platform will help us reduce lead times and approval times,” says Kiruba Devi, Category and Sourcing Manager, Zivame.

For more information on World Fashion Exchange (WFX) digital solutions, please visit www.worldfashionexchange.com.


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